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Stamp Duty Relief

Duty Relief on sale of property when parties Divorce or a De facto relationship ends

Parties to a marriage or de facto relationship that has ended may be entitled to nominal duty rather than the general or concessional duty on the transfer of property. This can occur if relevant information is provided to the Department of Finance at the time of the transfer of the property. Relevant information can include copies of Maintenance and Financial Agreements reached between the parties or Orders made under the Family Law Act 1975. The reduced stamp duty at the time of the distribution of assets of the relationship can assist parties to facilitate an appropriate and efficient settlement.

For further information in relation to your eligibility for these stamp duty concessions or family and divorce law advice please contact us on 6380 3900 or email kwclegal@kimwilson.com.au. Further information can be obtain from the Department of Finance: https://www.finance.wa.gov.au/cms/State_Revenue/Duties/Duties.aspx

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