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Property Settlement Lawyers

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Property Settlement Lawyers

Kim Wilson & Co are well known Property Settlement Lawyers in Perth with a reputation for successfully representing clients in financial matters, including complex property settlements and cases involving companies, trusts and overseas assets.

Following the breakdown of a marriage (or De facto relationship) parties need to consider how they are going to divide their property.

Kim Wilson & Co lawyers assist and advise on matters relating to asset division, spousal maintenance and superannuation splitting.

Our services include (if necessary) access to the various range of Experts necessary to advise in respect of a resolution of financial issues including access to Land Valuers, Business Valuers, Accountants and other professionals.

In addition, should representation be necessary in respect of property settlement, we provide a team of Litigation Support Staff. We are also able to provide in house Counsel to represent clients at Trial together with junior Barristers, instructing Solicitors and Clerks. Further any necessary support or infrastructure to conduct major Trials is available through current technology.

Where an agreement for property division has been reached we can advise you on the most appropriate and cost effective way to formalise your agreement. This may be through Consent Orders in the Family Court of Western Australia or with a Financial Agreement.

There are lots of matters to take into account when negotiating a property settlement and we can provide you with the advice as to your entitlements.

Kim Wilson & Co will give you clear, positive advice to assist you in reaching an effective solution. In particular, we have Lawyers who specialise in handling complicated and high net worth cases.

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Property Settlement is the division of property owned and acquired during a marriage or a de facto relationship.

The same general principles apply regardless of whether you were married or in a de facto relationship.

You can reach agreement as to the just and equitable division of property accumulated during your marriage or de facto relationship by direct negotiation or by mediation or other informal means.

If you cannot resolve your Property Settlement issues by negotiation with lawyers, then the Court will determine the division of property after hearing evidence.

The following questions will be relevant:

  • What are the assets, liabilities and financial resources of each of the parties?
  • What contributions did each party make to the property, in terms of direct and indirect financial and non-financial contribution, and contribution to the welfare of the family?
  • What are the future needs of the parties taking into account a series of factors?

Property Settlement negotiations can be complex and complicated in any number of ways. We can assist you with your Property Settlement issues and provide you with advice as to the relevant factors in your family law case.