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Injunctions and Restraining Orders

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Injunctions and Restraining Orders

Whether determining if an Injunction is required or helping you place a Restraining Order you can rely on Kim Wilson & Co to provide high quality, confidential advice.


An Injunction is a Court Order which restrains one or more parties from doing a certain act.

An Injunction can restrain someone from selling an asset, dealing with funds in a bank account or removing children from the Country.

Our Family and Divorce Lawyers can discuss with you if an Injunction is required and assist you with the Court Application or responding to an Injunction which has been sought against you.

Restraining Orders

The Court can make Orders restraining a person from contacting or approaching a person or certain address and prevent them from committing an act of abuse, breaching the peace, causing fear or intimidating and damaging property.

The Court can also grant an Injunction restraining a person from entering a home, school or work place of a person protected by the restraining Order.

Kim Wilson & Co has a team of highly experienced lawyers specialising in injunctions and restraining orders who can assist you in obtaining the necessary Orders.

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