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Family Court Representation

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Family Court Representation

Should Family Court representation be necessary, Kim Wilson & Co’s experienced Family Lawyers have access to expertise not available at any other Family and Divorce Law Firm in Perth.

All Court procedures are unique to your circumstances. Our team of experienced and qualified Family Court Lawyers understand your needs and will assist and guide you through the Court process with minimum disharmony.

Kim Wilson & Co understands it is not always possible to reach an agreement without Family Court proceedings. Our Family and Divorce Lawyers have the experience and familiarity of the Court process to enable your matter to be facilitated as efficiently and effectively as possible. You can trust Kim Wilson & Co’s experienced team with your matter should the need for Family Court representation occur.

The broad experience and qualifications of our team of Family and Divorce Lawyers guarantees representation for you in violence restraining order cases, parenting disputes, property settlement cases, child support matters, and other matters seen by the Perth Family Court.

When the necessity for Court proceedings arise, Kim Wilson & Co ensure you are notified of the costs involved in litigating your matter as soon as possible. These costs are set out to assist you to understand the costs involved and to allow you to consider your options, understand the stage of your matter and to assist you to budget for the estimated costs.

Kim Wilson & Co recognises your wish to resolve matters as quickly and as cost effectively as your individual circumstances allow. Our Family Law team endeavors to work with you to achieve this outcome.

To book your confidential consultation to discuss Family Court representation call (08) 6380 3900

If you are unable to reach an agreement regarding issues such as property or children matters it may be necessary to proceed through the Court process. In most cases, family disputes can be resolved without the need to proceed to the Family Court. Your individual circumstances should carefully be reviewed by one of our Family and Divorce Lawyers.

Once our Family and Divorce Lawyers have had an opportunity to consider your individual circumstances your matter potentially can be resolved quicker in a more cost effective and less stressful manner.

It may become necessary to proceed to Court if you are unable to reach an agreement with your partner in relation to property settlement, arrangements for your children and maintenance.

We have six Accredited Family Law Specialists and in house Senior Counsel which ensures representation of the highest standard. Our Family Law Teams approach to your matter is professional, appropriately supervised and reviewed regularly to obtain the best result for you.