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Arrangements for Children

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Arrangements for Children

Kim Wilson & Co work quickly and sensitively with you to make amicable Arrangements for Children in the instance of divorce or separation, while preserving the dignity and respect of all parties.

In the breakdown of any relationship involving children, their welfare must remain paramount, and at Kim Wilson & Co we ensure this is the case.

Our Lawyers sensitively assist you to make amicable arrangements with your former partner for the care of your children.

We adopt a conciliatory and constructive approach to ensure any negative impact on your children are minimised and the emotional wellbeing and relationship of your children with both their parents is maintained.

We assist with all aspects for the care of children, including who your children will live with and how and when your children are to spend time with the other parent. Agreement can also be reached regarding specific issues, such as parental responsibility, education or medical matters.

Should legal intervention be required to reach an agreement, we will sensitively proceed with these arrangements to ensure a timely outcome.

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The amount of time children spends with each of their parents will depend upon a number of factors, including the age of the children, the living arrangements of each of the parents and the attitude of the parents to each other and to the children. If you and your partner or spouse have shared parental responsibility for the children, then the Court will consider whether there should be a shared care agreement. If that is not in the best interests of the children, or is not reasonably practicable for any reason, the Court will consider the children spending time with the other parent and the terms on which that should take place.

We can assist you and provide you with advice as to the factors to be taken into account in your individual circumstances.

This will depend upon the age of the children, the reason for the children’s wishes, and the background circumstances. The Court will enquire into these issues and make Orders that are in the best interests of the children. The Court may seek Reports from a Single Expert to determine the matter. We can provide you with assistance if your children do not wish to see the other parent or if they do not wish to spend time with you.