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Family Arbitration

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Family Arbitration

Kim Wilson SC is a qualified Arbitrator in family matters and is available to receive instructions to act as an Arbitrator in Family Law matters.

 Family Arbitration is a process in which parties to a dispute present argument and evidence to an Arbitrator, who then makes a determination to resolve the dispute.

The difference between Mediation & Arbitration is that in Mediation, parties try to reach their own agreement with the assistance of the Mediator. An Arbitrator will make a decision for the parties.


Kim Wilson SC is a qualified Arbitrator and is available to receive instructions to act as an Arbitrator in Family Law matters.

Kim is an Accredited Family Law Specialist and has completed his Specialist Arbitration Training. Kim is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator (AIFLAM).

Arbitration can be ordered by consent in matters where there are current proceedings before the Family Court or parties can agree to participate in a private Arbitration without the need for Family Court proceedings.

The issues which can be Arbitrated are limited to financial matters which are property settlement issues, spousal maintenance and Financial Agreements. Children’s matters cannot be dealt with in Arbitration.

The advantages of Arbitration

  • You control the process
  • Convenience in having Arbitration conducted at a time agreed by everyone
  • You have a choice of Arbitrator
  • You avoid some of the delays involved in the Court process
  • There is promptness in the decision being made, as the Arbitrator agrees to provide their Award and Reasons within a specified period, usually not later than 28 days from the hearing
  • Confidentiality, with Arbitration taking place in a confidential setting
  • A binding result. The Arbitrators Award is a conclusive determination of the dispute and is binding and enforceable on the parties
  • You can also have a hearing on interim or interlocutory matters, thereby assisting in saving time and expense on Court proceedings for these issues.

 Significant Costs Saving Potential

By participating in Arbitration, which has been designed to address the specific dispute between you and your partner, and avoiding the Court process, there can be significant cost benefits to each of you.

Kim Wilson SC welcomes instructions to act as an Arbitrator in your matter.

We invite you to contact him on (08) 6380 3900