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Consent Orders

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Consent Orders

Kim Wilson & Co are qualified and experienced Family Lawyers that can assist you to implement and negotiate Consent Orders in Perth, ensuring you settle your matter in a timely and efficient manner.

Our aim is to reduce the need for you to attend Court and to attempt to obtain a quick and straightforward resolution for you.  When parties are able to reach full agreement about such things as parenting issues or property settlement, their agreement can be recorded in a written document signed by both parties which is then presented to the Family Court and recorded as Consent Orders. The consequence of Consent Orders is that the agreement reached by the parties is then binding and enforceable. These Orders can also be made without either party having to attend Court at any time.

Entering into Consent Orders can assist with the reduction of time and money spent by both parties to the agreement as well as keeping the involvement of children and other parties to an absolute minimum.

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When you and your partner agree in relation to the division of your assets and liabilities, the arrangements for your children and payment of maintenance.

Our Family and Divorce Lawyers have the experience and familiarity of the Court process to ensure that the preparation and drafting of your Consent Orders are efficient, effective and legally binding.