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Family Dispute Resolution

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Family Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a process in which a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner helps parties resolve their disputes.

These disputes might include arrangements for your children or dealing with property. Family Dispute Resolution can help you reach an agreement without having to commence proceedings in the Family Court.

Save for limited circumstances, if you want to ask the Family Court to make Orders with respect to your children, or to make changes to your current parenting Orders, you will be required to participate in Family Dispute Resolution and obtain a certificate before being able to commence Court proceedings. These are known as a Section 60I Certificate.

There is no requirement for you to participate in Family Dispute Resolution if you only want to resolve property or financial issues in the Family Court. Family Dispute Resolution may be a useful process to resolve some or all of your matters in dispute without the need to go to Court.

Kim Wilson & Co can discuss your options for Family Dispute Resolution and help you to reflect any agreement reached in this process

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Under normal circumstances you are required to attend at Family Dispute Resolution before seeking Court Orders as they relate to the care of children. There are exceptions to this requirement, where the Application to the Court is urgent, or where there has been family violence or child abuse. You may also be exempted from attendance at Family Dispute Resolution where an Application is to be made to enforce an Order that was made less than 12 months prior to your Application. An exemption can also be sought where it is not practicable to attend upon Family Dispute Resolution for any reason. We can assist you if any of these exemptions apply in your particular case.

We can assist you to explore non-Court based options for the resolution of your Family Law issue, including Mediation, Arbitration and Informal Conferencing. These options are often less expensive than Court proceedings, and can be undertaken in a more timely manner. The other benefit to such non-Court based options is that the procedure and process can be managed by you. Such processes can also narrow the issues in dispute if Court proceedings are necessary.