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Child Support Agreement Lawyers

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Child Support Agreement Lawyers

Kim Wilson & Co lawyers can assist with every aspect of Child Support Agreements, helping you protect and safeguard your children’s future.

All parents have a legal obligation to financially support their children, usually until either their 18th birthday or the completion of full time undergraduate education.

Kim Wilson & Co can assist you to reach an agreement on the matter of Child Support in a relationship breakdown. These agreements may either be unregistered, or registered with the Child Support Agency.

The amount payable in Child Support is determined by assessing the monies required to provide for the running of a home and for the welfare of a child or children, whilst taking into account the financial means of both parents.

Our Lawyers can assist with every aspect of the child support process from the negotiation and/or Mediation required to reach an agreement; to making the application for an assessment directly to the Child Support Agency and the subsequent maintenance reviews (if required) or to drafting a Child Support Agreement.

To book your confidential consultation to discuss Child Support with our Lawyers in Perth, call (08) 6380 3900

Child Support is the financial support paid to contribute toward the costs of caring for the children of the relationship.

The Law states that both parents have a duty to support their children financially.

The income of you and your partner is considered equally when a Child Support Assessment is calculated. The Child Support Agency provides information to assist you with the amount of Child Support required to be paid.

Spousal Maintenance and Child Support are different. Child Support is payment made for financial support to children. Spousal maintenance is payment made by one spouse to another to provide for their financial needs.