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Gender Dysphoria Re Kelvin [2017] FamCAFC 258

Gender Dysphoria Re Kelvin [2017] FamCAFC 258

Children experiencing Gender Dysphoria and who wish to undergo hormone treatment are now able to do so without the approval of the Family Court.

In the landmark case titled “Re Kelvin” a full bench of the Family Court’s appeal judges held that children wishing to access irreversible hormone treatment no longer need to seek approval from a Family Court judge. This is in circumstances where the child, parents and the treating doctors are all in agreeance as to the treatment.

The case was brought by the father of a 16-year-old under the pseudonym of Kelvin. Kelvin was born female but has identified as male since the age of 9. Kelvin was diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria and at the age of 17 years old brought an application to the Family Court to undergo hormone treatment.

In the Judgement, the Full Court held that the risks involved in irreversible treatment no longer outweighed the therapeutic benefits such that Court intervention was required.

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